Custom Tudor Greenhouse

Custom Tudor Greenhouse

Custom Tudor Greenhouse

Inspired by the beautiful country homes of England, this Tudor greenhouse was designed and built by Little Mansions and can be used as a studio, shed, greenhouse, or to add architectual beauty to your home and property. Each building is unique, based on the reclaimed and repurposed materials available at the time to create a vintage look while enjoying the benefits of modern materials. Little Mansion greenhouses increase curb appeal and resale value.

Design Pictured Above

Photos: 1) Front and side with All Windows option 2) Front – this greenhouse makes a wonderful addition to an existing house! 3) Front of another Tudor greenhouse painted green with reclaimed door and windows

The three photos above feature two Tudor greenhouses with the front and sides made from a reclaimed door and windows. These greenhouses have the All Windows option for the sides and came with the base with wood floor option. They came with a cedar frame that is natural in the first two pictures and painted forest green in the third picture. The roof on both is dual wall polycarbonate that is extremely strong, looks great, and detracts light nicely. -Schuan

Base: The pictures above have the base with wood floor option made by Little Mansions. Another option would be to set it on gravel.

Available Sizes: The Tudor greenhouses pictured above are the Small (6′ x 8′). The Tudor greenhouse comes in three sizes (6′ x 8′), (8′ x 8′), (10′ x 8′).

Shipping: The Tudor greenhouse is designed to be easily shipped and assembled. Little Mansions ships anywhere in the US or Canada. Shipping prices are typically less than $1000 (contact us for details). The structure arrives in easy to assemble panels that include all of the glass.


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December 10, 2012